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El Taco Truck welcomes several new flavors to the taco shelf

El Taco Truck recipe of "Dirty Nachos"El Taco Truck recipe of "Dirty Nachos"

The Swedish brand El Taco Truck, is adding more news to its flavorful assortment. Cheezy Sauce and Hot Guacamole are two new products that enhance both taco dinners and other exciting dishes. El Taco Truck also updates the recipe for its classic Guacamole and expands the nacho range with Salted Blue Corn and Salted Yellow Corn Chips.

El Taco Truck continues to expand its flavorful assortment, and this time it is welcoming five different flavors onto the store shelves. Cheezy Sauce, Hot Guacamole, Salted Yellow Corn Chips, Salted Blue Corn Chips, and an updated recipe for El Taco Truck's classic favorite Guacamole.

"We always work to introduce new, exciting flavors. While we want to meet consumer demand, we also want to challenge and find completely new taste innovations. Our new Cheezy Sauce is a response to customers longing for a vegan and cheesy topping alternative, while our flavorful Hot Guacamole is an innovation that is completely new to the market," says Nikola Adamovic, co-founder of El Taco Truck.

Cheezy Sauce & Hot Guacamole
El Taco Truck's vegan Cheezy Sauce is a mild, fresh, and creamy sauce with a cheddar flavor. An upgraded classic developed to meet a growing demand. Cheezy Sauce is a  mood enchancer for dishes from different types of cuisine. Like El Taco Truck's other products, Cheezy Sauce is palm oil-free.

El Taco Truck's classic Guacamole is a favorite among consumers due to its delicious taste and high amount of avocado. Therefore, the assortment is now expanded with a spicier version - a Hot Guacamole, which is a completely new product on the market and an extension of the favorite. In addition to a high amount of avocado, the guacamole contains spices and fresh red and green chili. Hot Guacamole works perfectly as an accompaniment to tacos, salads, or as a flavorful dip for nachos or vegetables.

Salted Yellow Corn and Salted Blue Corn Chips
El Taco Truck's chip range is now complemented by two types of tortilla chips made of yellow and blue corn. Like El Taco Truck's other nachos, these are made from nixtamalized corn. This means that the corn in the tortilla chips is handled in a traditional Mexican way, through a process that preserves its nutritional value and enhances both flavor and aroma. Salted Blue Corn Chips and Salted Yellow Corn Chips are also naturally gluten-free.

Om El Taco Truck

El Taco Trucks resa började 2012 som Sveriges första foodtruck. Genom att servera mexikanskt inspirerad mat fick Nikola Adamovic och Niklas Bolle snabbt en stark följarskara. Det blev startskottet för den foodtruck-trend som sedan följde i Sverige. Nikola och Bolle såg även möjligheterna i att lansera mexikanskt inspirerade matprodukter i dagligvaruhandeln och att omdefiniera vad vi idag kallar för "tex-mex". Idag har El Taco Truck expanderat och deras veganska produktlinje finns tillgänglig i alla stora matbutiker i Sverige, hos livsmedelskedjorna Kesko och SOK i Finland, hos Bilka, Føtex och Netto i Danmark samt i matbutiker på Island.