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El Taco Truck Fall News '23

The Swedish taco brand El Taco Truck is filling the taco shelf with four new sauces. Cheezy Sauce, the big hit this spring, is being complemented by a spicier version: Cheezy Jalapeño Sauce. It's vegan too, of course. El Taco Truck is also launching a vegan Chili Mayo, Tomato Salsita, and Coriander Dressing. A quartet of sauce innovations to elevate the taco experience at home to the next level.

Since the start in 2012, El Taco Truck has had a clear goal – to offer flavorful, simple tacos. And despite the transition from a food truck to now having its own product line in grocery stores throughout the Nordic region, the focus remains the same.

With its four new sauces and inspiring recipes, El Taco Truck aims to encourage new flavors at the taco table, both as accompaniments and in full dishes. All influenced by Mexican cuisine and completely vegan, just like the rest of El Taco Truck's product line.

Coriander Dressing A perfect option for cilantro lovers who want to skip buying fresh cilantro for every (taco) meal. Cilantro in a bottle! Flavored with lime for extra freshness. Suitable for anything that is typically topped with cilantro, such as tacos, bowls, fajitas, or salads.

Cheezy Jalapeño Sauce Vegan cheese sauce inspired by classic cheddar, flavored with jalapeño. Creamy and fresh with an extra kick. Perfect as a dip for nachos and as a topping for a variety of dishes in need of a little extra creaminess and heat. Just like all other El Taco Truck products, it is palm oil-free.

Tomato Salsita A new tomato-based salsa - smooth, fresh, and flavored with Mexican oregano. A timeless favorite that always works and adds a delightful tanginess to all kinds of taco dishes. Perfect for the whole family to enjoy.

Chili Mayo A spicy, vegan mayo flavored with a blend of chili and garlic. Just the right amount of heat for the whole family. Perfect as a topping for your tacos or to drizzle over your nachos. Complements most favorite dishes!

Approximate Prices:
Coriander Dressing: 36.95 Swedish kronor
Chili Mayo: 34.95 Swedish kronor
Cheezy Jalapeño Sauce: 34.95 Swedish kronor
Tomato Salsita: 34.95 Swedish kronor

Learn more about the entire El Taco Truck's range at eltacotruck.se/products.

Om El Taco Truck

El Taco Truck's journey began in 2012 as Sweden's first food truck. By serving Mexican-inspired cuisine, Nikola Adamovic and Niklas Bolle quickly gained a strong following. This marked the beginning of the food truck trend that later spread across Sweden. Nikola and Bolle also saw the opportunities in launching Mexican-inspired food products in grocery stores and redefining what we now refer to as "tex-mex." Today, El Taco Truck has expanded, and their vegan product line is available in all major grocery stores in Sweden, at the Kesko and SOK supermarket chains in Finland, at Bilka, Føtex, and Netto in Denmark, and in grocery stores in Iceland.